The project pertains to the development of a new method for the treatment of the optical problems associated to keratoconus. The method relies on the implantation of a customised lens that will be manufactured for each individual eye using data from novel diagnostic methods. The work comprises all the actions needed to understand quantitatively the role of optical aberrations in the visual performance of the keratoconic eye, the methodology for measurement of the eye and calculation of the customised p-IOL surface shape (p-IOL design) and the definition of inclusion and exclusion criteria for this new treatment. Practically the work pertains to the development of a new surgical method in which specialized novel diagnostic methods wil support the decision-making and design the treatment. As a result, the patient will have the option to undergo these tests and if eligible will be receiving a phacik IOL that is designed specifically for the patient’s eye.
Currently, a purposely-built adaptive optics visual simulator featuring a wavefront sensor and two wavefront correctors has been developed at the lab.

This project is funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework Greece (project number Τ1ΕΔΚ-03913)